Litchi or litchi fruits are a popular natural bounty that grows in tropical regions, and not only render a delicious flavor to numerous pastries and desserts but also confer a plethora of health benefits. These fruits include uplifting immunity, promoting weight loss, enriching skin texture, enhancing digestive processes besides hydrating the body and relieving mental stress, tension and anxiety.

A litchi Tree:
The litchi tree is a tropical evergreen vegetation that is native to the hotter or warmer areas of China. However, it’s also considerably cultivated in South-East Asian international locations of Thailand, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka And Vietnam.
Growing to a drastically tall top of 15 to 30 meters, the litchi tree bears lush green leaves with pointed leaflets. The flowers of the litchi tree holds pleasant fragrance, with varying hues of vibrant yellow, white and green.
Upon budding, the vegetation or the flowers develop into the litchi fruit, which is very delicious and hence vastly consumed as part of various dishes, desserts and juices.

Litchi Fruit Nutrition Facts:
The nutrition profile of lychee or litchi fruits is pretty impressive. The juicy fruit is ideal for weight loss due to its low-calorie content and negligible amounts of saturated fats. In addition, it also provides dietary fibers, to aid in digestion and has no cholesterol, for better heart function. Litchis are rich in Vitamin C for boosting immunity and Vitamin A for proper vision. They are also abundant in the B vitamins that can aid in regulating metabolism.

Litchi Benefits For Health:

  1. It fights Free Radical Damage
    Litchi is rich in Vitamin C and other phenolic compounds called flavonoids.
  2. It boosts immune functions
    Bestowed with vitamin C, litchi bolsters immunity against seasonal infections and chronic diseases.
  3. It reduce the risk of Stroke
    The negligible amounts of sodium and cholesterol in the lychee lowers the chances of stroke and health ailments such as inflammation, oxidative damage, cardiac health, atherosclerosis, blood pressure and endothelial health.
  4. It helps in boosting good HDL Cholesterol
    Litchis are a good source of niacin i.e. vitamin B3 which regulates cholesterol synthesis in the system.
  5. It improves Metabolism
    Consuming litchis in routine diet helps to speed up the assimilation of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in food, by acting as a catalyst to enzymes in biochemical processes.
  6. It helps in preventing Constipation
    Dietary fiber in lychee supports the digestive system in the material movement and adds bulk to the stool which is helpful for those having the irregular bowel function or constipation.
  7. It heals muscle cramps
    Litchi fruits possess adequate amounts of potassium and water.
  8. It also hydrates the body
    The abundant water content in litchis makes them a perfect way to quench thirst and cool the body during peak summer.

Litchi Juice Recipe:
4 pcs ripe litchis
2 table spoon jaggery
1 table spoon orange juice
2 cups water
A dash of salt

Wash and clean the litchis and remove all the seeds from it.
Chop the litchis into small pieces.
Take a mixer jar, add chopped litchis and water and grind it well.
Strain that litchi puree through a filter to get the clear juice underneath.
To the clear litchi juice, add jaggery, salt and orange juice to it.
Blend again in the mix so that everything mixes well.
Store in juice in the refrigerator for 1 hour and serve chilled.

Your yummy and cool litchi juice is ready.

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