About Us

We create products that make plant keeping so easy that anyone can do it.

We create home accessories to improve the living environment. For plant lovers, with or without a green thumb. We make caring for plants easy. And we encourage good stewardship of the natural environment.

We want to help bring the joy of gardening to anyone and everyone. To do that, we bring our customers fresh, personalised ideas, we source the best plants and products from the best suppliers, then we deliver them to their new home, along with all the tips an urban gardener could possibly need to look after their new garden.

Inspired by Nature

The natural world is our primary source of inspiration, and we believe we have a responsibility to take care of it. For every product you buy, we will plant at least one tree to help grow sustainable forests.


Sustainable Products

We are continuously looking for ways to improve our net environmental impact. For example, our packaging uses only recyclable materials and less than 0.5% plastic. And our products are made only of materials that are non-toxic to the natural environment.

Our Mission

Plants are vital to human life. We love plants, and our mission is to empower you to care for them and the ecosystems they support. Through our products, we hope to inspire you to take care of plants, both at home and in nature.

About Us

From the desk of chairman (Suresh Chauhan - Ex Army)

We are  passionate team of 10. Driven to leave this world better and greener than we found it. We are “Nemophilist” We don’t just sell plants we try to bring nature near you. “GreenKyari”  is a dream project of me and my team. We have generated jobs for  10 gardener families so far. 


Later we will generate job opportunities for Freshers, Graduates, Women, Farmers & Gardeners on a big scale. We are working on that model and soon we will bring the scalability in our projects as well. 


About Suresh Chauhan(Ex Army)