Summer/ Zaid Crops

What are Zaid Crop?

Zaid crops are summer time crops. They develop for a brief term among kharif and rabi crops, particularly from March to June.

These crops are particularly grown withinside the summer time at some stage in a length referred to as the zaid crop season. They require heat dry climate as primary increase length and longer day duration for flowering. Some summer time season months and wet season is required. These plants additionally mature early.

In among the rabi and the kharif seasons, there may be a brief season at some stage in the summer time season months called the zaid season. Some of the plants produced at some stage in zaid season are watermelon, muskmelon, cucumber, veggies and fodder plants. Sugarcane takes nearly a 12 months to develop.

Types of zaid crops grown in India

Main crops grown under Zaid

  • Musk-melon
  • Watermelon
  • Pumpkin
  • Cucumber
  • Bitter-gourd
  • Sugarcane
  • Sunflower
  • Groundnut
  • A few pulses

Zaid crops cultivation

Zaid crops are usually cultivated in the irrigated areas of the country viz; Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat, and Tamil Nadu.

Top functions of Zaid crops

Zaid crops are essentially summer time season plants that do properly in areas that don’t rely upon monsoons. That’s why they’re grown in properly-irrigated lands.

These are quick length plants, despite the fact that sugarcane is harvested after a 12 months of cultivating.

Zaid crops deliver farmers a regular supply of profits and fill the “gap” among Rabi and Kharif seasons.

Zaid crops want dry and heat climate at some stage in leader developing level and longer days at some stage in flowering level. Months from March and June are heat, dry, and with longer days, in order that they pose the great months for those plants.

Chief Zaid crops encompass seasonal culmination and veggies which can be sown at some stage in March and April and harvested at some stage in June and July. They offer vitamins to the platter of stop client and preserve the wallets of the grower happy.

The government’s initiative

The government, in current years, has commenced giving significance to the Zaid season. This cropping season has the ability to lower the deficit withinside the manufacturing of pulses at some stage in Kharif. Certain pulses may be grown withinside the season among February and June.

Pulses like moong and urad may be without problems sown on this season. There have been reviews of crop harm because of heavy rains in Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh final 12 months. If farmers use the fallow land to develop Zaid crops, they could shop their plants from monsoon harm.

The government, via this idea, intends to growth the location below cultivation of moon and urad throughout 4.nine million hectares, so that you can be a whopping growth of 75% from the location below cultivation of 2.eight million hectares in 2019.

Zaid season offers farmers a threat to make use of their land and water reserves to develop worthwhile plants, which encompass some pulses. Growing cucumbers and melons at some stage in this season are in particular useful because, because the summer time season approaches, the call for for cucumbers, watermelon, and musk melon will increase withinside the market. So, the plants can show to be pretty moneymaking for farmers.

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