Why Are Plants Essential ?

Plants provide meals to people and animals, adjust the water cycle, create oxygen and provide a habitat for various other species. Without plants, human or animal life on Earth would not be sustainable for most species.

#1 Plants produce oxygen

Through photosynthesis, plants take carbon dioxide and create the air we breathe. The vast majority of living organisms need oxygen to survive. In humans, oxygen fuels our cells and enables the body to build new ones by combining with hydrogen and nitrogen. That’s important because each day, we lose billions of cells and want new ones. 

#2 They help or support other species

Other species make their houses on, in, and around plants. For eg, the maple tree is also home to various birds, insects, and different small animals. 

#3 Plants are essential food sources

Without plant life, basically all lifestyles might starve to death. Everything from ants to people relies on plants as their main source of fuel. Even carnivores need plants due to the fact that their food – other animals – eat plants. While maximum humans don’t need to live solely on plants to thrive, we’re meant to eat a significant amount.

#4 Plants clean the air

In 1989, NASA discovered that ordinary houseplants can take in toxins from the air, especially in small spaces with limited airflow. Peace lilies, bamboo palm, and Chinese evergreen are filtering powerhouses. For humans residing in city environments or other places with pollution, houseplants can keep the air cleanser and healthier.

#5 Plants help with soil quality

The significance of soil quality is difficult to overstate. Without healthy soil, humans wouldn’t be able to grow the crops we need to feed ourselves and the animals we eat. Soil quality has different effects on the overall health and stability of an ecosystem. 

#6 Plants help regulate the water cycle

A healthy water cycle is essential to life on earth. Plants play a large role in this cycle by cleaning and distributing the water supply. 

#7 Plants fight against climate change

Plants store CO2 to construct new tissues. When trees  are cut down, that stored CO2 is released. This is substantial due to that fact that carbon dioxide is one of the major greenhouse gases contributing to climate change. To lessen the quantity  of CO2 in the atmosphere, it’s essential to protect plant life – in particular ancient forests – and leave their stored CO2 untouched.

#8 Plants are essential to medicine

Most medicines we use nowadays have origins in plant life. Aspirin is one of the most famous  medicines that is obtained from plants. Several plant extracts are also used in cancer drugs such as Paclitaxel, which is derived from the bark of the Pacific yew tree. Countless different plants species are used in natural medicine, as well.

#9 Plants improve mental health

Studies display that plant life has a fantastic effect on the human mind. This is especially true in city environments where people feel disconnected from nature. Cultivating plants in these spaces through public parks, trees, and houseplants is proven to improve people’s well-being with the aid of reducing stress and anxiety. 

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