Plants To Live

Plant to live

Overview: Plants add beauty to the place and relieve mental fatigue.


There are hundreds of thousands of plant species on this planet. These species include the tiny caviar-sized watermelon plant to the tallest redwood in California. People travel across the globe to see certain plants, such as the bluebells of Europe, the California redwoods, and the cherry blossoms of Japan.

Plant/Tree provides habitat for hundreds of insects and food for birds and mammals such as deer and badger. It supports different types of fungi, lichens and even bats. Bat species will roost in old woodpecker holes or beneath the loose bark and then feed on the insects in the tree canopy.

But the problem lies when a range of chemical pollutants can cause problems to health in industrial and urban environments. It has been increasingly shown that the presence of green spaces in these areas can be vital in acting as a sink for these pollutants, therefore improving air quality.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is considered to be one of the main greenhouse gases that contributes to climate change. Plants soak up CO2 and release oxygen through the process of photosynthesis. The carbon dioxide released is used for the construction of blocks for new tissue such as their trunk, branches, leaves, and roots acting as carbon stores.

Concept depicting the issue of carbon dioxide emissions and its impact on nature in the form of a pond in the shape of a co2 symbol located in a lush forest. 3d rendering.

When forests are cut or burnt, the huge amounts of carbon that has been stored in plant tissue and the soil is released into the atmosphere. This is why it is essential to protect these habitats, especially ancient primary forests containing local species that have had little human disturbance in the past.

Plants advance fitness, happiness, mindfulness and productiveness while weaved inside buildings and throughout the communities. Including living plants inside a home or business revitalizes the air, humidity and lowers pressure levels for better wellness.To bring happiness and relaxation to ones’ life and that of others one must keep indoor plants.

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